Chemistry Seminar Program

Fall 2017 | Spring 2018

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All seminars begin at 3:40 pm in Dabney 124 unless otherwise noted.
Refreshments will be served outside Dabney 124 at 3:30 pm.


Friday, January 26

Host: Phil Castellano

Gregory Scholes, Princeton University

"Can Coherence Enhance Function in Chemical and Biophysical Systems?"

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Friday, February 2

Host: Phil Castellano

Ken Hanson, Florida State University

"Harnessing Molecular Photon Upconversion Using Self-Assembled Multilayers on Metal Oxide Surfaces"

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Friday, February 9

Host: Dave Schultz

Dave Harris, Northwestern University

"Chemical Control of Spin in the Synthesis of Metal-Organic Magnets and Responsive MRI Probes"

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Friday, February 16

Host: Gavin Williams

Bradley S. Moore, University of California, San Diego

"Learning and Applying Nature's Biosynthetic Logic"

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Friday, February 23



Friday, March 2


Friday, March 9

Graduate student weekend, no seminar

Friday, March 16

Hosts: Gavin Williams and Wei-Chen Chang

Tadhg Begley, Texas A&M

"Thiamin biosynthesis and catabolism"

Friday, March 23

Host: Joshua Pierce

Richard Taylor, University of Notre Dame

"Chemical and Biological Syntheses of Polyketide Regulators of Proteostasis"

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Friday, March 30

Spring Holiday, no seminar


Friday, April 6

Host: Joshua G. Pierce

Gary Sulikowski, Vanderbilt University

"Synthesis of Natural Products of Relevance to Human Health"

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Friday, April 13

Host: Alex Smirnov

Dr. Junko Yano, Ph.D., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

"Taking Snapshots of Reaction Intermediates in Metalloenzymes and Catalysts with X-ray Techniques"

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Friday, April 20

Host: Wei-chen Chang

Prof. J. Martin Bollinger, Jr., Pennsylvania State University

"The Remarkable Versatility of High-valent-iron Intermediates in Biosynthesis of Bioactive Natural Products"

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Friday, April 27

Host: Ed Bowden

Paul Maggard, NCSU

"Mixed-Metal Oxide Semiconductors: Tuning their Structures and Properties for Uses in the Capture and Conversion of Solar Energy"

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