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All seminars begin at 3:40 pm in Dabney 124 unless otherwise noted.
Refreshments will be served outside Dabney 124 at 3:30 pm.


Friday, August 17

Host: Chris Gorman

Keith Watson, Global Director, Strategic Marketing, Dow Chemical

“The Changing Landscape of Careers in the Chemical Industry”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, August 24

Host: Chris Gorman

Elon Ison, North Carolina State University

“Departmental Tenure Talk”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, August 31

Host: Elena Jakubikova

Ping Yang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

“Computational modeling of actinide species in the natural environment”

Seminar Abstract


Organic Seminar, Tuesday, September 4

Host: Alex Deiters

Qisheng Zhang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Chemical Tools to Monitor and Regulate the Phosphatidylinositide Signaling Network”

Friday, September 7

Host: Chris Gorman

Reza Ghiladi, North Carolina State University

“The Role of Porphyrins in Biology: From Protein Biochemistry to Antimicrobial Therapies”

Special interest seminar

Thursday, September 13

Host: Chris Gorman

Lorraine Santy, Pennsylvania State University

“Scaffold proteins coordinate small GTPase activation during epithelial motility”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, September 14

Host: Walter Weare

Jake D. Soper, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Almost Alchemy: Radical Ligands Facilitate Palladium-Like C–C Coupling Catalysis at Iron, Manganese and Cobalt”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, September 21

Host: Chris Gorman

Alex Nevzorov, North Carolina State University

“Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins in their Native Lipid Environment by Solid-State NMR”

Friday, September 28

Host: Elena Jakubikova

Yosuke Kanai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Materials Challenges in Energy Conversion: Insights and Predictions from First Principles Dynamics Simulations”


Friday, October 5

No Seminar

Fall Break

Friday, October 12

Host: Gufeng Wang

Daniel Higgins, Kansas State University

“A Random Walk in the Dark: Following Single Molecules to a Better Understanding of Nanostructured Materials”

Friday, October 19

Host: Reza Ghiladi

Mi Hee Lim, University of Michigan

“Chemical Tools and Tactics to Study the Role of Metal-Associated Misfolded Proteins in Human Neurodegenerative Diseases”

Friday, October 26

Host: Lin He

Yinan Wei, University of Kentucky at Lexington

“Assembly of protein oligomers in the cell membrane”

Seminar Abstract


Friday, November 2

Host: Alex Deiters

James Chen, Stanford University

“Chemical probes of embryonic signaling and patterning”

Seminar Abstract

Thursday, November 8

Special Interest Seminar (Dabney 220)

Codrina Popescu, Ursinus College

“Mössbauer Spectroscopy and the Exploration of Novel Iron-Containing Catalytic Systems”

Friday, November 9

Host: David Muddiman

Jenny Brodbelt, University of Texas, Austin

“Development and Applications of Photodissociation for Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, November 16

Host: Lin He

Gangli Wang, Georgia State University

“Metal Nanoclusters Tailored by Interfacial Bond Structures and Their Bioimaging and Energy Applications”

Friday, November 23

No Seminar

Thanksgiving Break

Friday, November 30

Joshua Pierce

Corey Stephenson, Boston University

“Photoredox catalysis: Enabling chemical synthesis with visible light”

Seminar Abstract


Monday, December 10

Host: Christopher Gorman

Kateri H. DuBay, Columbia University

“The Twists and Turns of Conjugated Polymer Morphology”

Seminar Abstract

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