User Rates

Mass Spectrometric Service Established Fee Schedule
  Academia Industry
Exactive Plus Infusion Instrument time: $33/hour $132/hour
MALDI-MS Self-Use 0.5 hr minimum: $22/hour $88/hour**
Assisted Instrument time: $28/hour $112/hour
Training   $110/user $440/user
GC-MS Self-Use   $15/hour $60/hour**
Assisted Instrument time: $22/hour $88/hour
Training   $55/user $220/user
Staff Time* Projects   $60/hour $240/hour
Routine Analyses   $28/hour $112/hour
Training   $50/software $200/software

*Charges can include, but are not limited to, sample preparation, nanoLC column construction, method development, data analysis and a detailed report. Please note that other charges may apply should a given project require additional resources, i.e. a particular type of LC column. Contact the MSF for details.

**Open access instruments are available to trained industry users during normal business hours only.

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