Recent Publications of Maria Gallardo-Williams

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GALLARDO-WILLIAMS, M.T., R.R. MARONPOT, C.H. TURNER, C.S. JOHNSON, M.W. HARRIS, M.J. JAYO, AND R.E. CHAPIN. 2003. The efects of boric acid supplementation on bone histomorphometry, metabolism, and biomechanical properties in aged female F-344 rats. Biological Trace Element Research 93:155-169.

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GALLARDO-WILLIAMS, M.T., R.R. MARONPOT, R.N. WINE, S.H. BRUNSSEN, AND R.E. CHAPIN. 2003. Inhibition of the enzymatic activity of prostate-specific antigen by boric acid and 3-nitrophenyl boronic acid. The Prostate 54: 44-49.