PLU Travel Subsidy Guidelines

These guidelines are for the determination and distribution of PLU travel subsidies for graduate students attending conferences and symposia.

Two levels of funding exist.

  • Level A: $250 maximum award
    • PLU members who help with fund raising activities, actively participate, volunteer and attend PLU functions.
  • Level B: $100 maximum award
    • PLU members who are not active

In your application for a PLU Travel Subsidy please include the following:

  1. Submitted a request a MINIMUM of 14 days before the first day of the conference.
  2. Include a copy of the completed registration form for the meeting.
  3. Include a copy of the abstract of the paper/poster to be presented.
  4. Include an itemized itinerary and estimate of expenses for travel, accomodations, and registration (food expenses will not be reimbursed).
  5. Include a letter from the student's advisor indicating his/her support of the request and the amount of funding available from his/her research funds for student travel.
  6. Include a statement disclosing any prior reimbursements by PLU. If you request more than $100 please explain your level of activity in PLU, fundraising, functions, etc.

Distribution of the funds will occur primarily through a reimbursement process. Original receipts will be required for all expenses. When submitting the receipts include a detailed summary of all expenses for reimbursement, the amount of support available from other sources such as the research advisor, UGSA or fellowships and the amount requested from PLU.

The exact amount of funding will be determined by a majority vote of the PLU officers. The number of applications funded per academic year will be determined by the financial situation of PLU.

Each request will be investigated by the PLU treasurer. Requests can be denied at the discretion of the PLU officers for any reason. A travel reimbursement can not exceed $100 for inactive and $250 for active members per PLU member of our chapter.

Guidelines last revised May, 2009.