Phi Lambda Upsilon – Thesis Fund

(Thesis copying, binding, and microforming.)

Thesis reimbursements are available for PLU members for helping to alleviate the cost of copying, binding, and microforming a thesis. Reimbursements are awarded based on the funds available for that particular semester and therefore the amounts may vary from the guidelines you see here.

!!Requests can be denied at the discretion of the PLU officers for any reason.!!

Please read all the guidelines and options.


  • PLU Members: Depending on their participation in PLU, attendance at major departmental events, funding situation, and previous funding applications received by PLU (ex. travel funds) members are eligible for a thesis reimbursement amount not to exceed $150.00.


  • All students must fill out the PLU Thesis Fund Application (form must be filled out completely - no exceptions).
  • Relevant and valid reciepts or photocopies or the reciepts must accompany the Thesis Fund Application. Note: Receipts must be clearly marked as to what they represent as well as where and when the transaction took place.
  • An itemized list of expenses must be directly attached to the application (all items being supported by receipts)

Important Notes

Deadlines—All the above requirements must be turned into the PLU Treasurer or Senior Advisor within one month of the applicant's completion of the Graduate School's thesis deadline (Late applications will not be considered).

The cost of any special paper (i.e. 25% cotton bond) that is either required or preferred for the thesis printing is traditionally not reimbursed by PLU but may be included in the itemized list.

Other Benefits Available

Thesis Copying Aid

  • Members
    • Student must be an active member of PLU.
    • A completed Thesis Copying Aid Request Form must be turned in at least one week before the copies will be required.
    • Extent of Copying Aid
    • PLU will cover the copying cost of up to five (5) Preliminary Copies of your thesis (“defense” copies for your committee members.)
    • PLU will cover the copying cost of up to six (6) Final Copies of your thesis (to be bound)
    • Any special paper (i.e. 25% cotton bond) must be supplied by the student.
    • Additional copies can be made at a cost of $0.03 per page copied.
    • There will be no exceptions to the payment schedule, and PLU reserves the right to withhold thesis copies until payment is made in full.

!!Requests can be denied at the discretion of the PLU officers for any reason!!

Last updated August, 2008