Graduate students find a variety of housing options. Several categories of these are treated separately below.

Graduate Dormitory

The recently constructed Wolf Ridge is a conveniently located loft style apartment complex exclusively for graduate students. Applications for admission to Wolf Ridge can be found through University Housing.


The majority of NCSU graduate students live in apartments — many of which are reachable by walking or by riding on the free campus Wolfline bus system. There are several ways to find apartments, including Raleigh Apartments Today or the Apartment Rental Guide. The major local newspaper, the Raleigh News & Observer is also a source for apartments.

Married Student Housing

The university provides a village of apartments designed for married students and their families. E.S. King Village, which is directly adjacent to campus, provides a close-knit community that graduate students with young families find particularly hospitable and convenient.

Finding a Roommate

The are several means of finding a roommate. Incoming students who would like to contact current and/or other incoming graduate chemistry students can e-mail the graduate secretary who will then contact all physics graduate students through a listserve to see if a match can be made. Chinese graduate students often find it helpful - if they wish to room with a compatriot - to contact the Chinese Student and Scholars Friendship Association.