Chemistry Graduate Student Association

Mission Statement

The Chemistry Graduate Student Association of NC State (CGSA) has the goal of establishing and deepening relationships with: the department of Chemistry, graduate students from additional departments, the local community, and the thriving chemistry community in the state.

We wish to engage our department by hosting social events and fundraisers and to establish connections with graduate students of various departments by collaborating and volunteering. By partnering with local schools to spark interest in science, we will serve the community with service and education. Moreover, we strive to create professional relationships with the local industry by providing networking events to promote our students and NC State.

More information can be found at the Chemistry Graduate Student Association website.

2015-2016 Officers

  • President
    Sean Lund
  • Vice President
    Tara Moening
  • Treasurer
    Brandon Zoellner
  • Secretary
    Sam Meiser
  • Graduate School Association Representative
    Suzanne Robertson