Financial Assistance for Graduate Students

Teaching Assistantships

Financial assistance in the first year is generally offered in the form of a Teaching Assistant­ship. Teaching assistants typically serve in undergraduate lab sections of General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry and require approximately 15 hours per week, including preparation and grading. As a teaching assistant, you play a critical role in the department's innovative efforts to continually improve undergraduate instruction.

Beyond the first year, students are supported by teaching assistantships, fellowships, or research assistantships provided by individual faculty research grants.

Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships are generally available after the second semester of graduate school. These assistantships provide the graduate student the opportunity to concentrate full time on research.


Departmental fellowships are also available for entering graduate students. These range from tuition scholarships to supplemental stipend fellowships. Outstanding applicants are eligible for College fellowships, such as the NCSU Alumni Fellowships, and other university fellowships in the areas of chemical material sciences, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and compu­ta­tion sciences. In addition, we encourage application for competitive national fellowships.

Advanced Fellowships

The department offers specific graduate research fellowships, such as the Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship, for a student in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, and the Glaxo Fellowship, for a graduate student in the pharmaceutical sciences. Additional industry-supported fellowships have been available from the Lord Corporation, Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology, and the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina.

University Resources

NC State University maintains an Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid , in 2016 Harris Hall, to assist students and parents in applying for and securing financial assistance when family resources are insufficient to meet educational expenses.