Glassblowing Shop

The NC State Glassblowing Shop is operated by the Chemistry department to provide scientific glassware design and fabrication. Our glassblowing technician, Mark Wicker, runs the glass shop in Dabney Hall.

Contact Information

Location: Dabney Hall, Room 715
Hours: Monday from 8am - 4pm
Staff: Mark Wicker
Telephone: 336-314-9041

Physical Address
715 Dabney Hall
2620 Yarbrough Drive
Raleigh, NC 27695
Mailing Address
BOX 8204
NC State University
Attn: Mark Wicker
Raleigh, NC 27695


  • Fabrication and repair of scientific glassware
  • Cutting/grinding and drilling of glass and ceramic material
  • Complete supply of joints/stopcocks/tubing
  • Quartz design and repair

Glass Shop Rates

$47.95 per hour

Work Request

To request work, please complete the required Google form. This form is required to be completed for all glassblowing work orders.

New Glassware

The low hourly rate provides for custom and standard glassware at significantly reduced prices. Also, the glass shop can reduce your costs by producing standard catalog glassware, such as reservoirs, condensers, chromatography columns, traps, flasks, and air free glassware on site.

Repaired Glassware

There are two common fallacies concerning repaired glassware:

  • It really is not economical to repair glassware.
  • Repaired glassware is not as good as new.

These are very expensive misconceptions. Repair costs are generally 60-70% less than purchasing new glassware. Because each piece is individually inspected for reliability and safety by professionals, you are assured the repaired glassware is as functional as new. That reflects a significant cost savings to your lab — savings that can be used to fund other areas.