Chemistry Facilities

Dabney Hall

Most of the Department's research activities are conducted in Dabney Hall, a nine-story building with facilities designed for undergraduate teaching and graduate research. Facility Centers include the Mass Spec Facility, the NMR Facility, the X-ray Structural Facility, and the Electronic Instrument Shop.

The Mass Spectrometry Facility. The Mass Spectrometry Facility currently has 6 mass spectrometers of a wide range of capabilities, consisting of (1) Thermo Fisher Scientific Exactive Plus MS; capillary ESI with a mass range of 50 - 6,000 m/z; resolution: > 17,500 - 140,000 FWHM (200 m/z); mass accuracy: < 1 ppm RMS internally calibrated (2) Thermo Fisher Scientific LTQ Orbitrap XL; nanoflow or capillary ESI with a mass range of 50-2,000 m/z or 200-4,000 m/z; resolution: 7,500 - 100,000 FWHM (400 m/z); mass accuracy: < 2 ppm RMS internally calibrated via lock mass (3) Agilent Technologies 5975 GC/MS; EI, CI, NCI with a mass range 2 - 1,000 amu (4) Thermo Fisher Scientific TSQ Quantum Discovery MAX Triple Quadrupole MS; nanoflow or capillary ESI with a mass range of 10 - 3,000 m/z (5) AB Sciex 5800 MALDI-TOF/TOF MS; mass range of 0 - 200,000 m/z; resolution: > 33,000 FWHM (2,465 m/z) (6) Agilent Technologies GCD; EI with a mass range of 2 – 450 amu. The facility is staffed by Danielle Lehman (  ), Laboratory Supervisor; Vamsikrishna Kandhi, Ph.D. (  ), Laboratory Manager; Taufika Islam Williams, Ph.D. (  ), Director.

The Glassblowing Shop is located in Dabney 715 and is staffed by Mark Wicker. Both fabrication and repair services are available. For rates and consultations, contact Mark (  ).

The NMR Facility provides resources for solid-state and solution spectroscopy for the University community and organizations in the Research Triangle area. The facility is staffed by Jennifer Sun ( ), Ph.D., Lab Supervisor.

The X-ray Structural Facility serves the structural needs of the Department of Chemistry, the University community and organizations in the Research Triangle area. Crystal and molecular structures are determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The facility is staffed by Roger Sommer (  ), Ph.D., Facility Director.

The Laboratory for Imaging and Kinetic Spectroscopy (IMAKS) at North Carolina State University is located in the Partners III building on Centennial Campus, and houses a number of microscopes and spectrometers. The facility is staffed by Dr. Evgeny Danilov (  ), IMAKS Director.

The Electronic Instrument Shop maintains and supports all laboratory equipment and computers in the Department of Chemistry and maintains all NMR Spectrometer systems and assists in the design of all test and diagnostic apparatus. The facility is staffed by:

  • Tony Radford (  ), Electronics Technician III
  • Alan Harvell (  ), Electronics Specialist

Partners III

Partners III is a new state of the art, high tech facility on Centennial Campus devoted to nanotechnology research. Centennial Campus is viewed by many educators around the country as the campus of the future because of its a mixture of university, corporate, and government R&D facilities. Professors Stefan Franzen, Chris Gorman, Lin He, Dave Shultz, Ed Bowden, and Walter Weare and their research groups are located in Partners III. The chemistry research groups will occupy about 15,000 square feet of the 80,000 square foot Partners III facility, which is designed to house specialized nanoscience instruments that allow manipulation of single atoms.

Fox Hall

Fox Hall is Chemistry's new undergraduate science teaching laboratory. The department occupies 28,450 square feet of the 82,500 square foot building with laboratories, classrooms and a tutorial center. These facilities serve approximately 3,500 students per semester in both General (CH 102 and CH 202) and Organic Chemistry (CH 220L, CH 222, CH 224) laboratory courses. In addition, our Organic majors lab, CH 221M is also taught in Fox Hall. Lori Petrovich (  ) is the Director of General Chemistry Laboratories and Maria Gallardo-Williams (  ) is Director of Undergraduate Organic Laboratories. Marcie Belisle (  ) is the Laboratory Supervisor for the General Chemistry labs. Melinda Box (  ) is the Laboratory Supervisor for the Organic Chemistry labs.