Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an important component of the Gorman Research Group. Every year we try to involve several undergraduates in the research process. Undergraduate research is THE way to learn about the business of chemical research and to prepare for graduate school or a job in industry. Research can be intensive and time-consuming. However, everyone who has gone through our undergraduate research program has rated it as a positive and important experience.

Undergraduate Research in the Gorman group can be done in several ways:

  • During the academic year, undergraduate research can be taken as a course for credit.
  • Every summer, we host 1-2 undergraduate students in the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. These students may be from NC State or from other colleges/universities.
  • We have hosted summer students in an NSF Summer Program in Solid-State Chemistry.
  • We host students in the summer that will join our graduate program in Chemistry in the fall.


Recent Undergraduate Research Students

Student ProgramWhereabouts
Andrew KeithAcademic ResearchCurrent Student
Katherine HenryAcademic ResearchPharmacy School - Emory
Gongfang HuSummer ResearchReturned to Zhejiang U.

Justin Harris
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