Business Office Personnel

Catherine is the manager for the Chemistry Business office with duties including oversight for policy administration, finance, research administration, and human resources. She serves as the primary advisor to the Chair, Associate Chair, and department on financial and human resources issues. Catherine provides strategic planning and projection services to faculty. She also creates State budget projections and facilities financial summaries on a monthly basis for the Chair and Associate Chair. She is the primary point of contact for financial and HR troubleshooting. Her responsibilities also include approving MarketPlace orders; approving online travel authorizations; approving departmental JVs and IDTs; TEARS coordination; SAR administration; summer salary; tuition payment processing; and grant match tracking. Catherine has a departmental PCard that Chemistry employees may use to place orders requiring a credit card.

Thelma serves as the primary point of contact for all Chemistry personnel issues for faculty, staff, graduate students, postdocs, and no-pay visitors. Thelma coordinates the new hire and appointment renewal process, the foreign national visa process, and the salary redistribution process. She serves as Chemistry’s leave administrator and Worker’s Compensation Coordinator. She is also Chemistry’s department liaison with Human Resources, the Office of International Services, International Employment, and the PAMS Business Office. Thelma works closely with Julius to insure the proper use of grant personnel funds.

Julius serves as the primary point of contact for grant management. His responsibilities include grant invoice processing, large PO creation on grant funds, issuing vouchers numbers on grant funds; grant travel/personal reimbursements; entering JVs and IDTs on grant funds; and temporary bi-weekly payroll. He is also available to assist with general grant management questions and the creation of online prior approval requests (PARs). Julius works closely with the PAMS Business Office on grant related issues.

Jackie helps manage non-grant funds. Her responsibilities include non-grant invoice processing; large PO creation on non-grant funds; issuing voucher numbers on non-grant funds; non-grant travel/personal reimbursements; and entering non-grant JVs and IDTs. She is the primary point of contact for facilities billing and PCard management.